What is StudioYU's mission?

StudioYU serves to connect lives through art. Be it through stationery or commissioned work, we simply aspire to connect those to appreciate art to those who make art. 

Why donate to StudioYU?

1) We bring people together, who may otherwise never meet.
2) We make it possible for anybody to commission an artist without spending millions on a customized work of art.
3) Your donation makes it possible for us to offer grants for our contributing artists and their respective causes.
4) Our patrons not only receive a tax deduction for their contribution, but also receive cards that they can use, collect, display, or share for any occasion. 
5) Our cards are printed on recycled matte, which is more expensive to produce, more environmentally-friendly, fends against fingerprint marks, and designed with card-writing practicality and durability in mind.

How do I get cards? 

Three ways: 1. Donate for a variety pack featuring all artists, or 2. select the artwork of your choosing via our shopping cart, or 3. customize your own. All options and details are available via our Patrons page.

Can I commission an artist through StudioYU for a project, design, or consulting work? 

Absolutely. Please submit your request and budget through our Patrons page so that we may link you to the artist that best fits your needs. No minimum budget necessary. 

What kind of artworks are showcased and how are they selected?

We are only able to support scanned or high-resolution photo submissions of ORIGINAL 2-D paintings so far. 

What is the selection criteria for exhibition on StudioYU.org?

Our artists are chosen based upon their technique, vision, public presence (or lack thereof), and social/cultural message conveyed in their artwork. Should a particular artwork speak to us, we will reach out to meet the artist to see how we can best support their artistic pursuits. 

Who selects the artworks to exhibit?

We invite experienced artists, professors in the arts, art critics, and you to review and recommend artwork for exhibition on StudioYU.

How frequently are Artist Fellows chosen?

A new artist will be introduced at the beginning of each month and their artwork will be exhibited for a time span of one year on StudioYU. 

Aside from ordering cards and prints and donating to StudioYU, how does a patron interact with StudioYU artists?

All artwork on cards and prints will contain the artists' information and their preferred method of contact. This way, interested patrons and the public can directly reach out to artists, without having to go through StudioYU, in order to secure original works of art, communicate, and/or collaborate with the artist.