Let's Not Gloss Over This

Painters beware! Your artwork may be misrepresented if printed with gloss coating. Glossy print is the cheaper option, so of course, it's the popular option! But did you know that there is a 30% price difference between printing on recycled matte and applying gloss over paper?  Ironic as it is, environmentally-friendly processes used to print on recycled matte costs more (i.e. $100 instead of $70) than its glossy counterpart, but printing on matte will better represent your artwork.

We can understand the glossy nature of photographs and ads, yet for reprints of painted work, making it glossy simply does not make sense. Glossy cards: 
1. Do not protect against fingerprint marks, they enhance them.
2. Conceals the original texture of the artwork with its gloss.
3. Flattens any subtle contrasts in our paintings with its harmful VOC-emitting varnish.
4. Creates more waste during production and uses more resources.
5. Increases the amount of sludge generated from the recycling process, which is problematic in disposal.
In a lit room, the glare caused by the gloss coating also interrupts the enjoyment of our paintings, and did we mention it cheapens our artwork?

This is why StudioYu insists on recycled matte for our cards, in addition to the high-quality effect it already offers. If we can recycle or minimized our paper usage, we will. So, we choose double-sided printing always, communicate digitally as much as possible, and pay 30% more to print on recycled matte for our cards. Furthermore, our cards are also not randomly distributed or posted everywhere like tangible spam, in and effort to further reduce waste. 

By the way, the extra flap on those cards that fold, is extra paper. Not to mention, it's not at all conducive for flat / firm display on any wall. In fact, when the cover flap gets shoulder swiped, then bent more crookedly, it knocks other things over on its fall down. 

So, though we are all price-sensitive, many organizations market the shiny gloss coating as fancy and protective to cut costs, while we spend more to recycle in spite of our limited resources. Our decision to go with recycled matte to represent our artwork may cost a lot more than what others are paying, but this decision is a matter of principle. If our cards look glossy, rest assured it's because the artist created such an effect in the original painting. 

The colors, texture, quality are more vibrant, and simply better, on matte for painted works.