Click Here for a List of the 269 Galleries and Dealers Showing at Art Basil Miami 2016

21 of them are new to the fair, which will run December 1–4.

Some 77,000 people attended the fair’s 14th edition in 2015...

The 2016 exhibitors come from 29 countries, from Argentina to the United Kingdom. Among the first-timers are New York’s JTT and Callicoon Fine Art; Various Small Fires, from Los Angeles; House of Gaga, from Mexico City; Edouard Malingue Gallery, Hong Kong; and Simões de Assis Galeria de Arte, from Curitiba, Brazil.
— Brian Boucher, artnet News, September 6, 2016

Tax Break on Art Purchases: Temporarily Loan Them to Art Museums in Certain States First

Beyond the benefit to museums, this lucrative, little-known tax maneuver has produced a startling pipeline of art moving across the United States as collectors cleverly - and legally - exploit the tax codes.
— Graham Bowley and Patricia Cohen, New York Times

Published April 12, 2014. An oldie, but relevant and interesting nonetheless. For full article, please follow title link or click here.

From WSJ: Art's New High-Tech Patrons

An oldie from 2013, but still relevant nonetheless:

Mr. Breyer, a board member of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, finds parallels between art and startups. He loves taking a chance on lesser-known talent and often visits galleries while traveling abroad on business. He particularly admires artists like Picasso who show the capacity to reinvent themselves. ‘It’s a personal characteristic not only of the artists I gravitate to but the entrepreneurs,’ he said.
— Ellen Gamerman, Wall Street Journal

Detailed article and video post here.


Art Commodified: An Art Flipper Made 220% on This Painting in Six Months

Quick resales are more common in the emerging art segment of the market, where works by unknown artists are traded with little risk in return for possible outsized gains. In May, 108 artworks created in the past three years were sold at the three auction houses, according to Artnet. They tallied $27.7 million in sales.
— Katya Kazakina, Bloomberg Business

Published June 2, 2015. For full article, please click here.