JUNE - SEPT 2017: StudioYU Returns Home to Exhibit at Princeton Abbey

From June to September, StudioYU artists Cj Andris, Joan Marie Kelly, Jill DeFelice, Vinita Mathur, and J. Yu, will be exhibiting their works throughout Princeton Abbey. Our People's Choice voting ballots will also be available for all guests to rank their favorites throughout the summer months. Please join us on June 4, 3-7pm, for the one and only opportunity to hang out with all the artists at the same time, and visit this hidden gem from June to September to discover why StudioYU has made Princeton Abbey our summer sanctuary.

Sunday, June 4, Opening Reception Details
3 - 5pm: Princeton Abbey's Stained Glass Window tour SIGN UP
5 - 7pm: Wine and cheese reception, featuring jewelry by Alia Bensliman and live music by Gennaro Porcaro

rinceton Abbey is located on 75 Mapleton Road, Princeton, New Jersey, 08540. All are welcome to attend this public event, so mark your calendar for June 4 today!

Source: http://www.studioyu.org/events/2017june-sept

Introducing Clement Kwan

Red Cape, 2009, Victoria, B.C. Oil on Canvas, 24 x 20 inches.

Clement Kwan is a specialist in impressionism and realism who has been capturing sights and scenes of the diverse cultures represented around Victoria, British Columbia, since 1979. His exploration of Native Indian culture and western culture is truly amazing and walks us through history, and time, through the Canadian perspective. His paintings, in particular, is our choice for showcasing the Thanksgiving festivities.

Introducing Leonardo Ramos

Angel en Primavera, Atlanta, GA, 2007. Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 12 inches.

Leonardo is a self-taught artist from Quito, Ecuador, now residing in New Jersey, who strives to interpret and plaster feelings and ideas on canvas. He translates everyday subject matter into an explosion of color with a Latin American flair. His work is deeply grounded upon his faith and upbringing. It not only welcomes us into his home, but leaves us wanting to learn more about where his "angels" come from and what carried him through his migration from Ecuador. Needless to say, his works are especially popular in preparations for the holidays. 

Introducing Kim Zeluck

Community: City in the Clouds, 2015. Watercolor and Ink on Watercolor board, 20 x 30 inches.

Kim Zeluck is a studio artist from Hong Kong, trained and practicing in New York, who aims to transform dreams into landscape and justify the often misunderstood concept of introversion. She is so passionate about pursuing her dreams that it translated directly onto her canvas in the form of "dreamscapes." She preserves the beauty of imagination through her art and aspires to depict the details that wander into our imagination.

Introducing Mian Situ (including a video interview from cdsavoia)

Mian Situ is an impressionistic painter, from southern California. He has a knack for capturing the livelihood of people going about their daily lives in precise detail. His area of interest is in highlighting the essence of small farming villages and cross-cultural communities, inspired by his upbringing in the rural countryside of southern China. He is exceptionally talented at breathing life into not only his objects, but also capturing history on canvas, as indicated by his portrayal of the cross-cultural interaction below: 

Balloon Man in San Francisco, California, 1904. Oil on Canvas, 38 x 32 inches.

Introducing Jill De Felice

This painting of Zhou Zhuang was created after Jill's visit there in 2008. So many people have only heard of Suzhou as "the Venice of China" but there were hundreds of these wonderful little water towns. Because they tend to be small walking and paddling villages, they are peaceful serene settings, unlike the heavy traffic cities. This particular painting captured the timelessness of the narrow canals with willows hanging down to the water's surface and the old arched bridges. It not only preserves the beauty of Zhou Zhuang, but serves as a symbol of the possible alternative paths one can take in life.

Jill is an international, self-taught artist, wife, and mother of two grown boys, with a previous career as a paralegal and elementary educator in American schools overseas. She has dabbled in acrylics, gouache, and bronze sculpture but paints mainly in oils. She first started painting in 2001 with Russian Impressionist Valery Gueraskevich. In 2003, she relocated to Hong Kong and China where she continued her art education at the local YWCA. She has been painting Asian themes for a number of years and is currently enjoying exploring local themes at the Jersey Shore. Additionally, she is working on a historical novel for teens based on a nineteenth century New Jersey shipwreck and recently relocated back to the United States after more than twenty years overseas in China, Russia, and Poland.

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