28 Ways to Change the Art World for the Better

A truly democratic nation demands that our culture reflect a diversity of ideas, that artists come from all walks of life, and that we artists model the critical and poetically nuanced dialogue we seek for civilization at large. In other words, artists need to help each other.
— Artists and Educators of BHQF

1. “Let’s end the retrograde conversations around censorship (and self-censorship). Engage your enemy. Stop trying to drive them into hiding.”
—Adam Abdalla, President, Cultural Counsel

2. “Lessen the power of the market.”
—Cecilia Alemani, Director and Chief Curator of High Line Art

3. “Fund marginalized communities directly and in significant amounts (how many times have we seen people of color used for funding, but not one person in the organization has been to the communities they supposedly serve?). Listen to the people most affected by injustice...
—Donna Marie Baptiste, Arts Director and Producer

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