A Mother’s Day with Love for Mom and the Artful Senses!

NEW HOPE, PA–Mansion Inn announces its hosting of local & international, artist, J. YU as she presents a live demonstration of her Chinese American art exclusively for Mansion Inn patrons from 12pm – 3pm on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 14th.  Mansion Inn guests will have a chance to interact with the artist while dining as well as purchase an original piece of art created live on site, making a most memorable and unique Mother’s Day souvenir gift.

“From an early age, my mother always fueled my passion and independent spirit as a young artist, and now as my career as a professional is truly emerging, I can’t think of a better way to spend Mother’s Day, creating works specially for women to celebrate the strength and beauty that motherhood inspires.” – said artist J. YU

Kris and J. Yu Planning for May at The Mansion - Photo by Mandee K. Hammerstein

Select pieces from the artist’s collection will also be on display at the Mansion Inn starting May 2nd through May 31st with another live demonstration event from 12pm – 3pm as part of a closing reception May 27th, Memorial Day Weekend.  The closing reception will include happy hour specials commencing at 5pm as well as performances by harpsichord musician and friend of the artist, Gennaro Porcaro, adding a layer of melodious entertainment that is sure to be a beautiful accompaniment to the artistic experience.   

“Since re-opening the doors at the Mansion Inn, our philosophy has always been to offer not only unforgettable food but unforgettable experiences. We’re proud to introduce our clientele to artisans of food and drink and now thanks to J. YU, we’re adding another artistic medium that best complements our space, while engaging our sophisticated guests” – said co-owner Kris Tomasulo

The Mansion Inn further introduces a series of deliciously social and culturally engaging event experiences throughout the months of April and May, including guest-speaker hosted beverage tastings, paired with perfectly festive food.  Interested parties who want to save seats and find out more are encouraged to visit the “up & coming” section of the website at www.TheMansionInnNewHope.com and follow them on social media.   

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