Resell Rights for Artists Approved in Europe, but not the US.

Should artists, who naturally retains the copyright for their artwork, receive a percentage of the profits made from their artwork that is resold on the market? 

US remains undecided on the grounds of fairness to all producers of re-sellable goods. Here's the argument against providing resell rights for artists:

The essence of an artists’ resale royalty is the disparity between the initial sales price in the primary market and the price for which a work is later sold in the secondary market. This raises the question why artists should be treated differently from other producers of negotiable goods. One could ask, e.g., whether swatch1 (or its designers) should have had a right to share in the increased value of its watches when people started to collect them.
— Why Resale Rights for Artists Are a Bad Idea by Bernhard Berger

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