Introducing Jill De Felice

This painting of Zhou Zhuang was created after Jill's visit there in 2008. So many people have only heard of Suzhou as "the Venice of China" but there were hundreds of these wonderful little water towns. Because they tend to be small walking and paddling villages, they are peaceful serene settings, unlike the heavy traffic cities. This particular painting captured the timelessness of the narrow canals with willows hanging down to the water's surface and the old arched bridges. It not only preserves the beauty of Zhou Zhuang, but serves as a symbol of the possible alternative paths one can take in life.

Jill is an international, self-taught artist, wife, and mother of two grown boys, with a previous career as a paralegal and elementary educator in American schools overseas. She has dabbled in acrylics, gouache, and bronze sculpture but paints mainly in oils. She first started painting in 2001 with Russian Impressionist Valery Gueraskevich. In 2003, she relocated to Hong Kong and China where she continued her art education at the local YWCA. She has been painting Asian themes for a number of years and is currently enjoying exploring local themes at the Jersey Shore. Additionally, she is working on a historical novel for teens based on a nineteenth century New Jersey shipwreck and recently relocated back to the United States after more than twenty years overseas in China, Russia, and Poland.