Studio Who? Studio YU.

StudioYU’s mission is to bridge cultures by introducing international artwork into all public spaces. In doing so, we bring global art into the local community. This platform is supported via proceeds from J. Yu’s art sales and private donations.

Our artists encompass both technical mastery and visionary spirit. We paint images that speak to our social, cultural, and global environment. We are original, noteworthy, living artists from around the world. Most importantly, we cultivate a supportive and motivating community for one another.

Our news and resources encourage the exchange of information and experiences among artists and art lovers. It is through this mutual, diverse, collaboration that the importance and value of art can be strengthened. We share practical, strategic, tips to navigating the arts market, building a business or brand in the arts, to help artists expand their reach through the support of our community. 

Our events introduce world art to the local public and provide underrepresented artists with the opportunity to showcase and for interested buyers to meet/purchase art directly from the artist. Attendees vote for their favorites here, so that the People's Choice is acknowledged and recognized.

This platform is FREE for artists. We predominantly rely on J. Yu’s art sales and your contribution to grow. We believe in the power of community and serve to connect artists from around the world to all who collect art. We do not engage in the sale of original artwork and encourage all to connect with our artists directly.  

StudioYU, founded in Princeton, New Jersey, in early 2015, is an exempt organization under the State of New Jersey under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Its physical presence resides and expands to wherever its artists are located throughout the world.